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Busy Bee Zoo Train for PreschoolersBug Games features 5 games and activities that feature the cute little critters that kids love! With vibrant illustrations, cute characters and unique game concepts, Bug Games exposes kids to phonics, numbers, pattern matching, musical melodies and gives them plenty of stickers for a job well done!

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Word builder letter game



The ants need help getting to their home! Touch to rotate tunnel pieces, and connect the path to complete the puzzle. Once done, watch a reward animation as the ants march through the tunnel. Multiple puzzles in progressing difficulty will keep your child challenged and having fun for a long time!

animal zoo train builder game



The crickets are ready to croon a tune, just for you! Touch a song icon to hear them sing in 3-part harmony, OR touch each cricket yourself to step through the songs at your own tempo and rhythm. Cute animations and harmonies enhance the popular songs Three Blind Mice, Hot Cross Buns, The Farmer in the Dell, and London Bridge!

train whistle music game



The friendly spider needs help connecting her web! Touch the numbesr in the correct order to help her complete the puzzle, and reveal the surprise picture after each round!

track builder puzzle game



The bees are busy building words, as the butterfly emerges from its chrysalis! Drag the letters - in the correct order - and hear each letter pronounced phonetically. As the word is completed, the flowers come together, the word is read, and the butterfly emerges a bit more from her chrysalis! (For a hidden surprise, try touching the snail as well!) Grown-ups can select between uppercase or lowercase letters in the Settings menu to customize the game for their child.

picture puzzle game



Kids love getting a reward for a job well done, and Bug Games lets them collect stickers of all shapes and sizes as they progress through the different games and activities. The incentive keeps them having fun while they learn -- try to collect them all!

Bug Games  available for iPhone, iPod Touch
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